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Bexim's Bazaar will provide resources for roleplaying games and wargames to enhance players' games. Every month, new tutorials, random roll tables, scenarios and more will bring something new to your games.


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Subscribers can choose how they wish to read Bexim's Bazaar -- all subscribers receive the magazine in PDF format, but an online (browser-safe) digital version will also be made available along with the option to purchase a print version.


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Bexim's Bazaar is returning to the roots of gaming, with content frequently provided by its readers. Have an idea for an article or tutorial or maybe a game scenario? We'd love to know more! This is your magazine, and that means we welcome your suggestions on making it better.

Regular Features

Growder's Tent


Each month, pay a visit to one of Bexim's Bazaar's regular merchants, Growder Rustcloud, and take a look at his latest magic items for sale.

Tiny Dungeon


Every month, a single sheet dungeon with descriptions and map awaits adventurers. Monsters and traps await you... and treasure.

HewBue's Used Books


Adventurers will no longer have to wonder about the contents of those musty old books they find. GMs will find a new list of a dozen or so titles every month.

Treana's Trinkets


Treana is always bringing back some of the most memorable trinkets for sale. Sometimes it's even buy-one, get-one-free.

The Dented Helm


Visit the nearby tavern each month for the latest in adventure hooks. Something is surely to grab an adventurer's attention.

Chase Scene


Drop your players into an exciting chase sequence! A new scenario and random complication table each month.

Issue #1 Contents

Regular Monthly Columns:

* Treana’s Trinkets — a random roll table (d20) for players to discover new trinkets for their characters
* Tiny Dungeon — each month, a complete single-page dungeon; DM/GM just provides level-appropriate creatures, traps, and treasure
* The Dented Helm — Four or more adventure hooks, useful for creating impromptu adventures or working into an existing campaign
* Growder’s Tent — four magic item cards, print and cut and provide to players as new magic items
* Show Us Your Crafts — photos and descriptions of readers’ submitted handmade tabletop crafts
* Hewbue’s Used Books — a list of 10-20 fantasy-themed book titles for DMs/GMs to use in their games
* Dungeon Crawlers — an ongoing fiction story consisting of a group of real world players and the characters they run in an RPG game
* Random Roll Item — each month, a set of random roll tables will provide details on standard fantasy RPG items such as doors, traps, chests, etc.
* YouTube Crafter Channels — two-page spread featuring the names and logos of YouTube channels devoted to game crafting
* Zulhanyar’s Monstrosities — one new fantastic creature stat block (5e) each month
* Back-Page Dungeon — each month, the last page of the magazine will feature an amazing map ready for DMs/GMs to fill with details.
* Digital Crafting Article — each month, an article will focus on 3D modeling and 3D printing for gaming
* Greetings, Adventurers — a welcome from the editor to readers with additional info about the current month’s magazine
* A Swift Survey — a new map each month for use as a prop or as an actual adventure map (maps created by Bryan Swift)

Columns/Articles for Issue 1 include:

* A Frostgrave Primer -- Introduction to the skirmish wargame, Frostgrave

* The Dark Huntsman -- a scenario written by Frostgrave's creator, Joe McCullough

* Flesh Skinner -- a unique creature created by Black Magic Craft

* ICRPG Creature Conversion -- the Flesh Skinner converted to the Index Card RPG

* Fantasy RPG 2D Terrain Products -- Part 2 of an examination of early RPG terrain products

* Build a Colosseum -- use foam bricks to build your own version of the Colosseum

* Whitebeard's Workshop: A Study in String -- examination of crafting techniques involving string

* An Introduction to Papercraft Terrain -- examining the basics of creating terrain from paper

* 10 Reasons to Play a Skirmish Wargame With Your Kids -- article focusing on wargaming and kids

* Vee's Musings -- Vee shares some fun RPG-style boardgames to play with the family

* Basics of Crafting with Tinkercad -- more techniques for modeling with 3D CAD software

* 3D Model a Miniature Base -- learn to create a custom base for your miniatures