Welcome to Bexim's Bazaar: RPG & Wargaming Magazine

Welcome to Bexim's Bazaar: RPG & Wargaming Magazine

Welcome to Bexim's Bazaar: RPG & Wargaming MagazineWelcome to Bexim's Bazaar: RPG & Wargaming MagazineWelcome to Bexim's Bazaar: RPG & Wargaming Magazine


What's Inside?


RPGs & Wargames

Bexim's Bazaar will provide resources for roleplaying games and wargames to enhance players' games. Every month, new tutorials, random roll tables, scenarios and more will bring something new to your games.


Monthly Digital Magazine

Each monthly issue brings 80+ pages of  digital content to your phone, tablet or computer. 


Your Magazine

Bexim's Bazaar is returning to the roots of gaming, with content frequently provided by its readers. Have an idea for an article or tutorial or maybe a game scenario? We'd love to know more! This is your magazine, and that means we welcome your suggestions on making it better.

Regular Features

Growder's Tent


Each month, pay a visit to one of Bexim's Bazaar's regular merchants, Growder Rustcloud, and take a look at his latest magic items for sale.

Tiny Dungeon


Every month, a single sheet dungeon with descriptions and map awaits adventurers. Monsters and traps await you... and treasure.

HewBue's Used Books


Adventurers will no longer have to wonder about the contents of those musty old books they find. GMs will find a new list of a dozen or so titles every month.

Treana's Trinkets


Treana is always bringing back some of the most memorable trinkets for sale. Sometimes it's even buy-one, get-one-free.

The Dented Helm


Visit the nearby tavern each month for the latest in adventure hooks. Something is surely to grab an adventurer's attention.

Chase Scene


Drop your players into an exciting chase sequence! A new scenario and random complication table each month.

Issue #1 Contents

Contents for Bexim's Bazaar Issue #13 (January 2020):

* Bexim's Bazaar Pages (regular resources for GM/DMs each month)

Growder’s Tent - each month, 4 new magic item cards

Treana’s Trinkets - d20 random list of trinkets each month

The Dented Helm - each month, 4 new adventure hooks

Hewbue’s Used Books - each month, 10-15 new book titles and authors

Racker’s Auction House - 6 new auction items with lore each month

Veach’s Spellbooks - each month, 2 new spellbooks with descriptions/cost

Scullooga’s Wagon - each month, random assortment of unusual items

Dolbin’s Scrolls - 3 new magic scrolls to print and provide to players each month

The Mystic Baker - each month, a new menu prop to print and hand out to players

Wanted Poster - each month, a new Wanted Dead or Alive poster with an NPC

Saltbeard's Saltwater Relics - new magical items with an ocean/water theme each month

Deed - new printable prop each month related to owning property

The Researcher - each month, a 2-page book spread prop a GM can use in a game

* The Skirmish Table Pages (section dedicated to wargaming)

Gaslands Scenario - a custom scenario for the vehicle combat game

Level 10 Captain - a pre-created Captain for your Frostgrave warband

Dungeon Cards - two new cards for your Frostgrave dungeon crawl random card deck

* GM Resources Pages (section dedicated to RPGs)

A Swift Survey - a new series of maps or mini-dungeon adventure each month

Playing Card Scenarios - article on creating a custom RPG scenario using a deck of cards

Persona Non Grata - an NPC complete with history and background info

Kev’s Lounge Paper Minis - each month, 2 new minis and stands to print and use

Mini-Dungeon - a mini-dungeon adventure from

Fat Dragon Games Papercraft - Papercraft terrain to print and assemble for your table

DM Scotty’s Wandering Monster - each month, a new 5e creature with image and stat box

Law vs. Lore - article for GMs related to sticking to the Law (the rules) and when to divert

False Documents - a discussion on a (fictional) written work for your RPG

2D Images to 3D Prints --how-to article on converting 2D images to 3D models

The DM’s Basement - monthly article on DM/GM related activities and issues